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Strategic solutions that drive business growth and advance community wealth

BEAM is a collaborative business solutions approach.

Save Time and Money

Build your Brand

Expand your Base


We consult with Black businesses to help build their own success through solutions to industry challenges and opportunities

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Business Triage

  • Solving your immediate problems first
  • Business assessment and analysis

Financial Analysis

  • Access to capital
  • Financial health audit/analysis
  • Governance assessment/process

Strategic Alignment

  • Business strategic planning
  • 3-year planning
  • Supply chain/vendors

High-quality Industry Expertise

  • Access to a broad network of experts in your industry
  • Vertical industry experience/understanding

Organizational Governance

  • Leadership skills development
  • HR management and access to talent networks

Cross-Functional Support

  • Networking/Relationship building
  • Support for you and your customers

Our Process

1. Identify the Opportunity

What business problem can we help you solve?


2. Scope A Solution

We Identify right the business, provide support, and ensure quality outcomes.


3. Measure Results

We determine KPIs with sustained monitoring with all stakeholders.

Business Receipts by Race

A lack of representation


$11.6 Trillion


$1.8 Trillion


$947 Billion


$863 Billion


$455 Billion


$127 Billion
Data source:
US total: $13.1 trillion

This means that Blacks as 13% of the US population represent less than 1% of the business receipts.

*These are the demographics most typically monitored by organizations to measure their commitment to minority spend.
our objectives

BEAM consults and collaborates with Black Businesses and Corporations

BEAM helps Black-owned businesses develop the capabilities to solve client problems and opportunities.

BEAM develops Black-owned business capabilities and capacity that meet marketplace demand.

BEAM works with Black-owned businesses to develop business plans and train leaders.

BEAM helps corporations succeed with their diversity initiatives as they develop processes and capabilities to pursue those goals.

BEAM partners with corporations to identify industry challenges and opportunities that can be addressed by Black-owned businesses.

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Featured Research

Here is the research we use to support BEAM's misson

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The Economic State of Black America: What is and What Could Be
Shelley Stewart III | Mckinsey & Co
Resources plcaholder
The State of Black-Owned Small Businesses in America
A Procurement Path to Equity
Kaye Sklar | Aspen Institute
All research

Do you...

...have a business problem we can help you solve?


...want to join a collective of Black businesses shaping the future of the Pittsburgh region?


"I grew a successful sales consulting firm by helping my clients take focused, disciplined action to sell more. The many lessons learned on my personal and professional journey are relevant to the Black-owned businesses I’m helping now through BEAM, in one-to-one consulting relationships.”

Joel Burstein | BEAM CEO

“I’ve seen and invested in numerous Black-owned businesses across the region. The BEAM consulting model reflects my personal experience helping those businesses to not only get started but to do what it takes to develop and grow.”

Will Allen | Board Member

“From a corporate perspective, efforts to diversify supply chains aren’t new, but having a resource like BEAM – experienced business consultants and executives – brings a network of relationships and insights that can get you there faster, with measurable results.”

Shon Yates | CPO Duquesne